Maria D. Sharp


I'm quick. Quick-witted, quick to start, quick to introduce myself, quick to learn.

I've been a professional makeup artist for over four years.
I had my start with MAC Cosmetics in Silverdale, WA, a small town leaning against south Puget Sound. About a year into my career at the Silverdale location, I was promoted and transferred to the Flagship Nordstrom location in Seattle, WA, continuing under MAC Cosmetics. Going from the lowest grossing store in the region, to the largest. I made the move to the city in the fall of 2010 and have been taking advantage of everything the city has to offer me and my career in the industry.
Just after my 2 year anniversary with the company, I was offered a prestigious role and initiated into the award-winning Northwest Market Impact Team for MAC Cosmetics. With the new assumed elevated position I've had the privilege of working alongside other amazing artists in exciting opportunities, most memorable being on the makeup team for the Nordstrom A/W '11 Preview runway fashion show.
My passion in makeup is rooted in trend. I've always found myself just a blow ahead of current trend. Working with MAC has given me the proper tools and has aided in opening many of my doors for me so far in my career.
Outside of the company, I have kept my hands from being idle. I have dabbled in an array of different mediums and working environments. I have done several professional photoshoots (both beauty and editorial). I have worked with authors and business professionals, translating their image they want to convey into their headshot for business cards, websites, and book sleeves. Piggy-backing on connections made through my position at MAC, I have done numerous weddings, special private events, and lessons. Particularly, I have my time doing runway shows and promotional projects for social events in and around the Seattle area.
Shortly after my 3 year anniversary with MAC Cosmetics, due to my interest in other opportunities, I had an amicable leave from MAC and Nordstrom. Since which I have rounded out my experience with more film makeup, art department assistance, production assistance, and more exploration of my affinity for all things beautiful in all mediums, from all sources.
I have branched out more and more in the last year and have fed my creative soul without losing my hustle.
Lately you can find me wearing every hat on the rack. I've lifted my blinders I've been accustomed to wear while I worked proudly for MAC Cosmetics and found that my love for curating and capturing beauty was just as strong as my admiration of the industry that housed my creativity.
Though I'm forever armed with a belt of brushes and trundel of colors, hues and tones -- I have also come to realize my flair for all image and brand tailoring.
I hope to work with other artists and organizations that will help me exercise all of my creative muscles.

Nordstrom Fall Preview '12, Ashley Genevieve (, stylist Dana Sustalux, Warren Etheredge (, 4Evergreen Group/PDA Magazine (, hair stylists Minx Studios, Relativity Media, Michael Rosenberg photography, The Flavr Blue (music video 'Hideaway' 2013)


  • Makeup artistry
  • Image
  • Styling


  • Editorial/Runway/Commercial/Bridal/Film/Stage MU
  • aesthetic management/consulting
  • personal styling
  • beauty advisory
  • production assistance
  • art department